What We Do?

Block Adult Content

Adult content means not only mature but also offensive, dangerous, pornographic, violent content, harmful to minors, and disturbing images with dead bodies and blood.

Block All types of Ads

Youtube or Facebook or any of your favorite App. We block all kinds of ads video ads, popup-up ads. Work on any browsers, any games, and any website you visit.

Secure Internet

We apply a security layer that ensures your device is protected from malicious activity e.g., Phishing, Spam, Malware distribution and Proxies, VPNs and mixed-content sites etc,.

Save Internet Data

As we block all types of Ads in every App and browser. Which save your internet data and make your browsing experience faster.

Privacy Protection

We protect your privacy by blocking all kinds of trackers websites that try to spy on you on the internet. Additionally, we do not collect any information from your device.

About Our Services?

  • Most effective and easiest way to block all adult content and Ads while using your phone
  • We add a security layer which protect your from all kinds of malious, dangerous and tracking websites
  • We provide the fast and most secure way to access the internet
  • By Blocking Ads in your device we help you save your internet data
  • Our service is maintained by a large organization that constantly keeps on updating the DNS filter list
  • We respect your privacy, does not collect or store any information from your device
  • Connect your mobile data or WiFi with our App to stay safe and protected

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